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Focus : LAB USA unveils Roosevelt’s landfill ash metal recovery facility

Republic Services, Inc. and Lab USA unveiled a state-of-the-art ash metal recovery facility today at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill.

It will treat over 1 million tons of ash. The advanced process allows for the reclamation of metals found in ash previously lost through traditional methods of resource recovery. Once recovered, the metals are recycled, shipped to manufacturers and repurposed to make new metal products. 

The facility is estimated to recover and recycle over 46,200 tons of ferrous metals - equivalent to constructing approximately six Eiffel Towers - and 42,900 tons of non-ferrous metals. The expected recovery of 4,290 tons of copper could make approximately 24.9 million linear feet of half-inch copper piping used to carry water in households. That is enough pipe to stretch from Roosevelt, Wash. to New Orleans, La. and back.

Read the press release.

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